Materials for nail

All materials used to create artificial surfaces belong to one large chemical family – the family of acrylics. Family ties have always had something in common, the same family have in common is that all these materials are polymers, and the basis for creating beautiful and strong nails is the polymerization reaction.

On the market today there are so many materials and products for the creation of artificial surfaces. This acrylic (liquid and powder system), and gels, and the system of adhesive powder, and fabric coating. Distinguishes them from each other by the structural organization.

Since tissue systems, glue for TIPS and nesvetootverzhdayuschie gels have a linear structural organization. System liquidity and dust, some UV gels are 3-dimensional structure. Depending on the structural organization, we can talk about the strength of artificial surfaces. If we take for example the natural nail, reinforced fabric cover and an elongated nail acrylic, one can immediately say that the stronger will be extended nail acrylic. In order to break the polymer chain having a 3-dimensional structure is necessary to expend more effort than to destroy the linear structure of the fabric coating or adhesive to TIPS.


Originally acrylics used in dentistry, they are now better suited for nails. For curing acrylic is required from several seconds to several minutes. Acrylic nails are treated with special saws for nail polish them so they look great. Methyl methacrylate, which was part of the first acrylic, caused an allergic reaction. Ethyl, which is part of the modern acrylics, making them safer. Modern acrylics look more aesthetically pleasing, more amenable to treatment, have a sun filter, frozen quickly in this tight coupling with natural nails, as well as more transparent. Protection of natural nail from the environment, as well as easy removal of the acrylic coating special solutions are the main advantages of acrylics. Despite the fact that the acrylic material is very tough to treat him to be very careful, because at impact acrylic nails break. Varnish must be removed with special oil-based fluids. During treatment with antibiotics is not recommended to build up acrylic nails, since the body produces acetone, which destroys the acrylic and cut off from its natural nail. Not encouraged to use acrylics for nails, infected with fungus.


No less popular in the world today is nail with the gel. Nails, accrued gel, called porcelain, gel, glass. Gels were frozen under a special ultraviolet light lamps, which do not constitute a danger to humans. There are several types of gel systems capacity.

1. Single-phase gel system. In these systems, simulation, coupling strength and the creation of a drug does.
2. Two-phase gel system. They feature modeling and clutch performs one component, the strength of the nail provides a second.
3. Three-phase gel system is composed of three component. Function of adhesion of the gel with the natural nail performs the first component, the second carries out the simulation, the third component provides strength and shine gel nails.

Compared with acrylic, gel nails more brittle. Can crack from temperature changes, these nails need to build again, since they can not just “repair”. Precautions in handling the gel nails are the same as with acrylic. The advantage of gel nails is that they are more elegant. But to reduce the disadvantages of the gel and its benefits can be successfully using the combined method of “gel + acrylic.” Acrylic nails gives strength and gel – shine and protects the nail from external irritants.


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